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We are committed to be a trusted pest control management company, delivering total client satisfactions with service quality and reliability.

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Founder – Ivan Goh


Managing Director
Q-Vector Pest Management 


Council Member / Governing Council 2019 – 2021
Singapore Pest Management Association


Established in year 2007, Q-Vector Pest Management Pte Ltd, specialises in general pest management and anti-termite treatment, is recognised in Singapore with a broad portfolio of esteemed clients from residential, commercial, industrial, food and beverages industries, hospital, childcare, and shipping, both onshore and offshore.

With more than 15 years of experience in pest management, Mr. Goh believes success comes from a team of strategic and motivated staffs. He employs professional entomologist and licensed technicians to ensure proper service is carried out, both safely and effectively without harming the environment. He continuously invests in skills, upgrading courses and equipments to protect and safeguard their clients and properties. “When our clients sign an agreement with us, they are not just paying for our services, they are buying a peace of mind”, he adds.

More than just a pest management service, Mr. Goh sees himself and his business as a problem solving machine. Mr. Goh says, “Our technicians keep an extra eyes on any unusual findings besides pest control during their routine service. We are problem solvers and educators, we provide trainings on our pest management service.” To this end, Q-Vector has an education corner and training room in its premise, where insect nests and equipments the technicians used daily are on display.

In line with his philosophy of doing business, Mr. Goh is often seen on site as well, getting his hand dirty doing the ground work. He is proud of the fact that he pays his men well in the market. At the same time he expects each of them have to meet his high level of requirements. Mr. Goh was a regular naval combat specialist during his national service. Bringing his skills as a navigator to the industry, he always keeps a close look-out for the needs of both his clients and employees. “In business terms, you have to take care of both your clients and your men, you would not do well if you don’t have either one” he shares. With his “No Nonsense” style of doing business, basing his beliefs on integrity, excellence and good services, Mr. Goh and his team has set the bar high in the Singapore pest management industry.

 Operations Manager –Philip Cheong

Joined since 2008, Mr. Philip is one of the pioneers of Q-Vector Pest Management. With more than 10 years experience in the industry, he had served various exclusive premises including governors residence. He is well reputed within the industry as an enthusiastic learner and strive towards goal. He always quoted “If you never try, you will never know how far you can go”.

Aside from attending conferences, seminars and trainings on behalf of the company, Philip also revert pest management knowledge back to colleagues. To assure smooth running operations, he performs monthly inspections on vehicles and equipments, reducing the risk of malfunction, cut down operation costs, at the same time ensuring the safety of both service technicians and clients.

 Entomologist – Calvin Wong

Graduated from University Sains Malaysia majoring in Management of Vectors and Parasites, Calvin Wong is dedicated to introduce new technologies and innovations of higher efficiency and accuracy. He also provides technical supports and aid in pest identification.

Calvin also provides trainings to public and external clients, creating pest awareness and provides hygiene up-keeping tips. As technical support, he prepares company’s clients towards zero infestation and achieve ISO certification via internal audit and quality assurance.


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